Medium: Brand Partnerships

Strategy + Editorial + Art Direction

I was a founding teammate of the brand partnership's team at Medium, which engaged companies hoping to leverage Medium as a marketing channel. In my role as Art Director I helped develop a unique brand presence on the platform for clients such as BMW, Marriott, Microsoft and others. This involved directing the collaboration between clients, editors, artists and other contributors to meet unique objectives for each project.

Esquire was exploring ways to revive some of their “Classics” content, while Microsoft was looking to expand their content marketing. We forged a partnership between the two and reprised Esquire's “What I've Learned” series. This gave Microsoft a great vehicle to promote products and Esquire a place to repurpose exceptional content. I was responsible for the design of the entire publication, which meant balancing Esquire brand guidelines with Microsoft business objectives, and appropriating from print to digital content on Medium. The result was a publication divided into 4 types of content: greatest hits, animations, comics, and individuals, each with custom title designs and image treatments.

Samsung was in search of unique ways to promote the launch of their Galaxy S6 edge. We collaborated to develop “The Moment” which brought influencers from different industries together to tell their stories through personal essays. To maximize immediate reach, we developed an approach to publish the content through existing Medium publications rather than create a new one. Backchannel, Cuepoint, and The Cauldron, published three stories each. From the art perspective we had an elaborate process with each influencer, which involved a combination of photoshoots (shot with the Galaxy S6 edge) aimed at highlighting each subject’s personality, illustrations that alluded to their profession, company, or moment and a series of gifs beautifully executed by illustrator Thoka Maer.

And Many More

Some of the other partnerships ranged from high-frequency, daily post publications (some of which grew to over 50k followers in less than a year), to one-off stories and everything in between. Notable work includes Gone by Marriott, focusing on unique travel stories all over the world; The Future of Money by Sofi, exploring the possibility of a future where banks don't exist; Work: Reimagined by Upwork exploring the evolution of the workspace.